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Rules and Regulations to attend session on Zoom

  1. Every user/student must join the class at least 5 minutes before the scheduled session start time on the Zoom app.

  2. The class will be locked at the session start time, and users/students will not be able to join the class after that.

  3. All users/students are required to keep their video ON during the entire class.

  4. Users/students should sit at a quiet and calm place with a pen and notebook for a focused learning experience.

  5. Regular submission of homework/assignments on the portal is mandatory for all users/students.

  6. Failure to submit homework or being absent for more than 5 days without informing the coaches will result in removal from the system, and they will not be allowed to attend future sessions.

  7. Homework should be uploaded only on the portal. Any other content uploaded on the portal will lead to strict action against the user/student.

  8. Users/students should refrain from writing anything in the chat box during Zoom sessions unless asked to do so by the instructor.

  9. Users/students should not call or send messages to other users/students. Any complaints regarding such behavior may result in removal from the club.

  10. If users/students wish to take leave, they must inform their coach in advance.

  11. Users/students are expected to join the class in formal attire.

  12. Classes will be conducted on the Zoom app, so it is essential to have a good internet speed and stable internet connection. Please download the latest version of Zoom.

  13. Weekly revision of course material will be conducted once a week.

  14. It is mandatory to attend the group call with your coach once a week on the Zoom platform.

Change to the Terms and Conditions of Use

We reserve the right to make changes and to revise the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of use.

Last Revised: 25th June 2023